Survey for Volunteers in Australian Archives


You can all stop holding your breath, as we are now launching the survey which was proposed at the 2015 ASA conference! *collective intake of breath*

We can’t wait for you to pass it on to your volunteers in order to gain a better insight into their collective experiences and motivations, knowing that this knowledge would help to improve your volunteer program.

Volunteers within the Australian archival/records sector are invited to complete the following survey:

take the survey

Please note: Volunteers are not asked to identify which institution they volunteer for, and their involvement and responses will be kept private and anonymous.

More details

This study will address the following research questions:

1. Who are our volunteers?
2. What motivates our volunteers?
3. What type of experiences/support does the Australian archival community offer?

An understanding of the above will assist in improving the experience of volunteers within the archives, resulting in the creation of archival advocates within – and improved relationships with – the communities we serve.

The results of this study will be presented at the 2016 ASA Conference, and we plan for it to help to inform the development of a best practice resource for the Australian Society of Archivists. Additionally, we hope to publish this study in the future.

About us

Annelie de Villiers and Nicola Laurent are Research Archivists at the University of Melbourne’s eScholarship Research Centre. Christopher Stueven is a Records Officer at the University of Melbourne.

Please feel free to submit any queries about the research or the best practice resource to Annelie at

Our thanks in advance!

Annelie, Chris and Nicola


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